Stories of Margo | by Margo Nancyfor | Directed by Theodora Voutsa


World Premiere

Tobacco Theatre



Bar opens at 19:30

Show starts at 20:30





A musical confession

"I need you to love me so I can exist"

Margo Nancyfor uses the arts of Music and Storytelling to share a story of Love, Loss and Self Discovery. 

In this journey she is accompanied by New York based musicians 

Dave Eggar (cello), 

Chuck Palmer (drums and percussion) and 

Phil Faconti (guitar). 

The musical world they create is influenced by various musical genres; from classical music to jazz and from world music to the french chanson. 

The performance consists of ten original songs (in Greek) and the story that connects them (in English) that weave a journey through an ending that might hold the key. 

" Picking the petals off a daisy she whispered:

loves me, loves me not...

Each petal a story, 

each story a song, 

each song a quest, 

each quest a step closer.

A step closer to the truth. 

I need you to love me so I can exist."

Costume Design: Katerina Papanikolaou

Light Design: Sakis Birbilis

Text Advisor: Evita Zimali

Music and Text by Margo Nancyfor

Directed by Theodora Voutsa

For more info and tour dates:

bar opens at 19:30

show starts at 20:30